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January 2019 Release

Given his stature as one of today's most compelling and sought after inspirational writers, it's easy to let the reviews and numbers overshadow the essential reason why best-selling author, Robert Allan Young has come so far in the first place. As he says with typical understatement, "I'm just a guy who gets an idea or a story in his head, and I have to write it down."

Since publishing his first edition of the passionate best-selling love story in 2004, THREE DAYS WITH MARY, Robert followed that with the suspense-filled, inspirational story, TETELESTAI in 2006 and captivated readers with the sequel, SECOND CHANCES in 2008.

"There are many authors who can write a good book about a sports hero and legend. There are however few who can write a spectacular book about a sports legend that takes the reader inside the life of the athlete.....lets them know them personally and shares there fears, strengths, and what makes this athlete what they are on and off the field. Robert Allan Young is one of those gifted authors and I believe there are more great books in his future.