"There are many authors who can write a good book about a sports hero and legend. There are however few who can write a spectacular book about a sports legend that takes the reader inside the life of the athlete.....lets them know them personally and shares there fears, strengths, and what makes this athlete what they are on and off the field. Robert Young is one of those gifted authors and I believe there are more great books in his future. Robert thank you for bringing us into the hearts of so many." Lyle Bauer

"I read Mr Young's book on Lyle Bauer in a weekend and was excited to see this one. He does a great job of showing behind the scenes of the team during that time. It was fascinating reading about Dieter's life growing up. I can't wait to see what Mr Young does next."

"I was never a fan of Dieter Brock's when he played here. But there are certainly some interesting facts in this book. It was nice to see his comments because as a fan we never knew what he was thinking. I'm glad I bought this."

Dieter Brock - The Birmingham Rifle

Dieter Brock - The Birmingham Rifle is an intimate look into the life of the CFL Hall of Fame quarterback.

With his notable, humble personality, Brock lays it all on the line and shares stories and insights about some of his behind-the-scenes moments in professional football and his life.

“Over the past number of years I’ve been encouraged to tell my story,” said Brock. “But it wasn’t easy. Robert got into stuff that I’ve never spoken about with anyone. He certainly didn’t hold back when it came to pulling out some of those thoughts and moments. And to be honest, sometimes it was difficult reading what came out.”

Dieter Brock – The Birmingham Rifle is a story of perseverance, commitment and determination by bestselling author, Robert Allan Young, who wrote What Doesn’t Kill You – The Lyle Bauer Story. Young sheds new light and never before comments on both the memorable performances Brock achieved as a football player and the trials had he faced along the way.

From his days as a youth in Birmingham, Alabama, to walking away from Auburn, to a brilliant CFL Hall of Fame football career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger Cats as well as the National Football League’s L.A. Rams, the talented quarterback, Dieter Brock’s love of football is what made him a legend.

“Back then, some people considered me as that Birmingham quarterback who played in Winnipeg,” said Brock. “But this book is my opportunity to let everyone know, that after meeting Bud Riley in 1974, in my heart and mind, I was a Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback who just happened to live in Birmingham.”

Brock led the CFL in passing in three seasons; 1978, 1980 and 1982 and won his second of back-to-back Most Outstanding Player Awards after breaking Sam Etcheverry’s all-time passing yardage record in ’81,

Inspiring, honest, and unapologetic, Dieter Brock, The Birmingham Rifle proves that the heart of a champion can never be measured.

A portion of the proceeds support the Never Alone Foundation and the CFL Alumni Association.

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