What Doesn't Kill You - The Lyle Bauer Story

What Doesn't Kill You is about fight, hope, inspiration and that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It is also about how profoundly everyone is changed when this beast kicks your door down without an invitation and turns lives upside down. The human spirit may be the most powerful energy on earth.  The will to live, love, and survive makes us all miracles.  

Three Days With Mary
Brian LeClair, a man broken by his own choices, is running from the pain in his life. Trapped in a historic bed and breakfast during a violent storm, LeClair spends three days with Mary, the innkeeper, where he is forced to confront his beliefs, his purpose and his heart.
Three Days with Mary is an emotional journey of one man's redemption and salvation, and his discovery of something we all strive for, perfect love.
"Perfect love is when you sacrifice your own wants, needs and desires for someone else in order to enhance their life... And when you find it, you hold on to it. You protect it with every ounce of your being. Nothing can interfere with it."


Tetelestai is a suspenseful, enduring love story that leads Nicholai Delgado and Danica Harris on a journey through a maze of evil, deceit, and murder to place where they discover each other. Both characters have endured a lifetime of loss and sacrifice but in their journey they discover the true rewards of faith, grace and love. Because it is finished.

Second Chances

Nicholai and Danica Delgado thought they could escape the past of the Tetelestia murders in Dallas by settling in the small town of St Helene’s by the ocean. But God was not finished with them. International intrigue and terrorists follow the couple but instead of tearing their world apart, it draws them closer together.